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Distilled Rose 100ml


Rose water is the by-product of the steam distillation of rose petals. It is a clear, aromatic and long-lasting liquid that is used for culinary, cosmetic and medicinal purposes. Rose water has a delicate, floral and refreshing taste that can enhance the flavor of desserts, drinks and dishes. Rose water also has soothing, hydrating and toning effects on the skin and can help to balance the pH level, reduce redness and inflammation, and cleanse the pores. Rose water can be sprayed directly on the face or added to creams, lotions or masks.

Some of the benefits of distilled rose are:

  • For the skin: Distilled rose can help to moisturize, soothe, tone and cleanse the skin. It can also reduce inflammation, redness, acne and signs of aging. Distilled rose can be used as a facial spray, a toner, a cleanser or an ingredient in skincare products.
  • For the hair: Distilled rose can help to nourish, condition and strengthen the hair. It can also add shine, softness and fragrance to the hair. Distilled rose can be used as a hair rinse, a spray, a mask or an oil.
  • For the mood: Distilled rose can help to uplift, relax and calm the mood. It can also ease stress, anxiety and depression. Distilled rose can be used as a perfume, an aromatherapy oil, a diffuser or a candle.
  • For the health: Distilled rose can help to boost the immune system, fight infections and heal wounds. It can also improve digestion, circulation and respiratory functions. Distilled rose can be used as a tea, a syrup, a gargle or a compress.