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Distilled Mugwort 100ml


Distilled Mugwort is a term that can refer to the product obtained by distilling the leaves or flowers of various species of artemisia, a genus of aromatic plants belonging to the aster family. Distilled artemisia can have different uses and properties, depending on the type and quality of the plant material and the method of distillation.

Some of the benefits of Distilled Mugwort are:

  • For the digestion: Distilled Mugwort can help to stimulate the appetite, improve the digestion, relieve nausea, vomiting, gas and bloating. It can also prevent or treat intestinal parasites and infections. Distilled Mugwort can be used as a liquor, a tea, a syrup or a tincture.
  • For the immune system: Distilled Mugwort can help to boost the immune system, fight infections and inflammation, and reduce fever. It can also act as an antioxidant, protecting the cells from oxidative stress and damage. Distilled Mugwort  can be used as a medicine, a supplement or a tea.
  • For the skin: Distilled Mugwort can help to heal wounds, burns, ulcers and skin infections. It can also soothe irritation, itching and inflammation. Distilled Mugwort can be used as an oil, a cream, a lotion or a compress.
  • For the mind: Distilled Mugwort can help to calm the nerves, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote relaxation and sleep. It can also enhance creativity, intuition and lucid dreaming. Distilled Mugwort can be used as an aromatherapy oil, a diffuser, a candle or a pillow spray.