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Eucalyptus Crystals 10g


Eucalyptus crystals are natural products obtained from the sap of eucalyptus crystallized in the sun. They have antiseptic, expectorant and antibacterial properties. They are used to relieve respiratory problems, headaches, hot flashes and palpitations. They can also refresh the breath and flavor the home care.

To use eucalyptus crystals, you can:

  • Put a small piece of crystal directly in the mouth and melt it under the tongue.
  • Dissolve a small piece of crystal in a glass of hot milk or a cup of hot water to drink an eucalyptus infusion.
  • Rub a small piece of crystal on the temples, forehead or neck to relieve headaches.
  • Add a few pieces of crystals in the bath or spa water to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy.