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Laxative Herbal Tea 80g


Laxative herbal tea is a blend crafted from a variety of herbs, including senna, cascara, aloe, and rhubarb, providing a unique combination of bitter, sour, and slightly sweet flavors and aromas.

This herbal blend can be used in culinary applications:

  • As a tea, it may offer a unique taste and can be steeped by infusing one teaspoon of the blend in a cup of hot water for 5 to 10 minutes. While traditionally consumed for various reasons, it's important to note its culinary use.

  • In cooking and baking, it can infuse a herbal taste into dishes when used as a substitute for water or milk in recipes requiring liquid ingredients. Sprinkling the tea blend over salads, soups, or desserts can also offer a distinct and healthy garnish.

Please note that this laxative herbal tea is intended solely for culinary purposes and should not be misconstrued as a medicinal or health-related product.