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Distilled Rose 100ml

Weight: 100 g


Delve into the soothing world of Floral Distilled Rose Water, an distillate crafted from the steam distillation of rose petals. This 100ml product offers a clear, long-lasting liquid that seamlessly integrates into culinary, cosmetic, and medicinal applications.

With its delicate floral notes, rose water enhances the flavors of desserts, drinks, and dishes, while providing significant benefits for skin, hair, mood, and overall health.


Benefits of Distilled Rose:

  • Skin Care Excellence: Moisturizes, soothes, tones, and cleanses the skin. Effectively reduces inflammation, redness, acne, and signs of aging. Can be used as a facial spray, toner, cleanser, or a component in skincare products.
  • Hair Care Benefits: Nourishes, conditions, and strengthens hair, adding shine, softness, and a pleasant fragrance. Ideal for use as a rinse, spray, mask, or oil.
  • Mood Enhancement: Uplifts, relaxes, and calms the mood, helping to ease stress, anxiety, and depression. Perfect as a perfume, in aromatherapy oils, diffusers, or candles.
  • Health Support: Boosts the immune system, fights infections, and accelerates wound healing. Improves digestion, circulation, and respiratory functions. Versatile for use as a tea, syrup, gargle, or compress.


How to Use Distilled Rose:

  1. Culinary Delight: Incorporate into desserts, beverages, and savory dishes to add a subtle floral flavor.
  2. Skincare Routine: Apply directly to the face as a mist, use as a toner after cleansing, or mix into creams and masks for enhanced skincare benefits.
  3. Hair Treatment: Use as part of your hair care regimen to enhance the health and appearance of your hair.
  4. Therapeutic Applications: Utilize in various forms such as teas or aromatherapy to support physical and emotional well-being.


Experience the gentle, rejuvenating power of Floral Distilled Rose Water. Whether enhancing your beauty routine, culinary creations, or seeking therapeutic relief, this distilled rose product offers comprehensive benefits.

Add it to your daily regimen to harness the natural elegance and therapeutic properties of roses.

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