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Serghina 50g

Weight: 50 g


Experience the ancient allure of Heritage Serghina Incense, a traditional perfume derived from the roots of the sarghine plant (Corrigiola telephiifolia). This 50g package undergoes meticulous washing, coloring, and drying processes to prepare it for use in incense burners.

Embraced for its fortifying properties and delightful aroma, Serghina offers a unique connection to the cultural heritage of the moroccans especially  the Berber and Fassi communities.

Features and Benefits of Serghina Incense:

  • Fortifying Properties: Acts as a tonic with notable antibacterial attributes, enhancing both health and environment.
  • Pleasing Aroma: Creates a relaxing and pleasant ambiance, ideal for soothing the mind and spirit.
  • Cultural Significance: Carries historical importance within Berber and Fassi traditions, offering a touch of ancestral heritage in every use.
  • Natural Purification: Helps refresh the air and deter insects, promoting a clean and comfortable living space.


How to Use Heritage Serghina Incense:

  1. In Incense Burners: Place a small amount in your incense burner to release the rich, earthy aroma, transforming any room into a serene haven.
  2. Air Freshening: Use regularly to maintain a fresh, purified atmosphere in your home or office.
  3. Insect Deterrent: Keep your living or workspace free from insects by leveraging its natural repellent qualities.

Bring the timeless essence of Heritage Serghina Incense into your home. Whether you’re seeking to enrich your surroundings with its fortifying properties, enjoy its cultural significance, or simply create a peaceful ambiance, this incense is a testament to the power of traditional practices.

Add this cherished blend to your incense collection and partake in a heritage-rich sensory experience.

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