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Mace Spice - 50g

Weight: 50 g


Unveil the subtle complexity of flavor with Mace Spice, a delicately warm and aromatic seasoning derived from the outer layer of nutmeg seeds.

Celebrated for its nuanced taste profile that elegantly bridges the gap between sweet and savory, mace spice is a versatile ingredient that adds depth and intrigue to a plethora of dishes and beverages.

Benefits of Mace Spice:

  • Flavor Enhancer: With its warm, slightly sweet, and complex flavor, mace spice elevates the taste of baked goods, desserts, sauces, and savory dishes.
  • Culinary Versatility: Whether ground into a powder or used whole, mace can infuse milk, cream, custards, and even beverages with a rich, fragrant essence.


How to Use Mace Spice:

  1. Seasoning: Grate or grind mace to sprinkle into and season a variety of dishes, enhancing flavors with its unique aroma.
  2. Flavor Infusions: Steep whole or pieces of mace in liquids like milk, cream, or custards for a fragrant twist, removing before serving or leaving as garnish.
  3. Beverage Boost: Add a dash of mace to coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or mulled wine for a festive and cozy note.


Embrace the delicate, aromatic charm of mace spice in your culinary creations, discovering new dimensions of flavor in both traditional and innovative recipes.

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