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Natural Henna 100g

Weight: 100 g


Our 100% natural henna offers a multifaceted approach to beauty, perfect for those seeking to enrich their hair color or to adorn their skin with stunning henna tattoos.

This premium-grade henna powder is your all-in-one solution for achieving vibrant hair color, conditioning your locks, and creating breathtaking body art.

Ideal for sensitive skin, its natural composition ensures a gentle yet effective application, making it suitable for all who cherish natural beauty solutions.


Benefits of Our Natural Henna:

  • Versatile Use for Hair and Skin: Whether you're aiming for a rich, natural hair color or intricate henna tattoos, our henna delivers exceptional results.
  • 100% Natural and Gentle: Crafted from the finest henna leaves, it's completely natural, ensuring a safe application even for those with sensitive skin.
  • Enhances Hair Health: Beyond coloring, henna naturally conditions and strengthens hair, promoting a healthier, more vibrant mane.
  • Long-Lasting Tattoos: Create beautiful, temporary tattoos with deep, rich colors that celebrate your individuality.
  • Cleanses and Evens Skin Tone: Our henna also cleans the skin and helps correct skin color, effectively addressing color spots problems and promoting an even skin tone.


How to Use Our Natural Henna:

For Hair Color:

  1. Mix the henna powder with warm water until you achieve a creamy consistency.
  2. Let the mixture cool to room temperature and rest for about two hours to activate the dye.
  3. Apply evenly to your hair, covering thoroughly from roots to ends.
  4. Leave it in your hair for 1 to 4 hours, depending on the desired intensity of the color.
  5. Rinse your hair until the water runs clear, then condition as usual.


For Henna Tattoos:

  1. Prepare the henna paste as described and apply it to the skin using a cone, brush, or stick.
  2. Allow the paste to dry on the skin for several hours to develop a lasting stain.
  3. Peel off the dried henna, revealing your beautiful, temporary tattoo.


For Skin Cleansing and Tone Correction:

  1. Mix the henna powder with black soap to create a paste.
  2. Use this mixture in a warm bath, applying it gently to the skin.
  3. This helps cleanse the skin and correct uneven skin tone, making it uniform.


Our Natural Henna is not just a product; it's a celebration of heritage and beauty, bringing the ancient art of henna into your home. Whether enhancing your hair with luscious color or expressing yourself through unique body art, our henna offers a natural, safe, and splendid way to embrace your beauty.


Ingredients : 

  • Powdered Lawsonia inermis leaves ( henna )
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