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Henne (Hanna) Naturel (100g)


Ingredients: Natural ground herbs

Why Buy this Cosmetic Product

  • Hanna powder is 100% natural, and it is perfect for people with sensitive skin due to its intrinsic nature.
  • If you have hair breakage, unhealthy hair follicles, or stunted hair growth, the natural powder is a perfect mask for your hair. It will also help with dandruff issues by moisturizing your hair.
  • This product is effective for people who have eczema and other related skin conditions. Using it regularly will help in alleviating related skin conditions.
  • Use henne to remove grey hair as it is a natural hair dye, and it is easy to wash out.
  • If you have fungal infections like ringworms on the head and skin, the natural henne will help you in clearing the infection, and its natural property makes it less sensitive on your skin.
  • If you have scabies, this is the product to go for, as it will help to clear the skin. Mix it with water and apply it on the skin, allow it to dry then wash it out. Use it daily to get maximum results.

Mix henne with warm water leave it to cool at room temperature for twelve hours, before applying on your hair.

This product comes in 100gr.




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