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Mugwort 50g

Mugwort, a plant that has green leaves and a bitter taste. It is often used for cooking, medicinal purposes, and spiritual practices. Mugwort regulate menstrual cycles and ease cramps by balancing hormones and relaxing muscles and improve digestion and appetite by stimulating gastric juices and bile secretion.

Some possible ways to use Mugwort are:
  • Add fresh or dried mugwort leaves to your dishes, such as soups, salads, rice, and meat. You can also make mugwort tea by steeping the leaves in hot water.
  • Burn mugwort leaves or sticks as a natural incense or smudge for cleansing, protection, and meditation. You can also place mugwort under your pillow or near your bed for lucid dreaming.
  • Apply mugwort oil or extract to your skin or hair as a natural moisturizer, antiseptic, or insect repellent. You can also add a few drops of mugwort oil to your massage oil or lotion for relaxation.