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Tisane gastrique


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Ingrédients : Origan ; anis vert ; Fenugreek

Why buy this herbal tea

  • This herbal tea combats gastric reflux and relieves heartburn.
  • If you have any other belly and digestive problems, like irritable bowel syndrome nausea and bloating, this herbal tea is what you need in your regimen.
  • Oregano provides fiber to the body, and this will boost the digestive system and prevent constipation
  • Green anise is a carminative herb that will settle your tummy and reduce bloating.
  • This product is also useful if you want to lose some weight. Fenugreek, an ingredient in the tea, will reduce your appetite making you eat less.

This product comes in packages of 50g.

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Safety information: If symptoms persist, seek medical advice

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