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Why Buy this Herbal Tea

  • This herbal tea is 100% natural, making it safe for diabetic patients.
  • This herbal tea helps to activate the absorption of sugars in the body, and this reduces blood sugar levels. For those with blood sugar problems, you are encouraged to take this tea daily.
  • If you have been working for the whole week and you have fatigue, this tea will boost your energy levels. Take this tea daily, and anytime you feel weak and tired. Diabetic patients tend to be fatigued; this tea will provide them with an excellent remedy.
  • Diabetic patients are encouraged to take this herbal tea routinely to prevent the complications associated with diabetes like kidney damage, foot damage and stroke.

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Safety information: This product is not for diagnosis, treatment or prevention of any condition. It is advisable to seek medical advice if you have any serious underlying condition.


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