Distilled Rose -100 Ml


La Rose distillée 100 ml est recommandé pour le soin de la peau et convient particulièrement au soin des peaux sèches, normales, sensibles et sénescentes.Il tonifie ,régénérer et apaiser l’épiderme.

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Why buy this product

  •  It is an effective toner and its ingredients are 100% natural.
  •  Use it daily to remove your make up and the good news is that it is suitable for all skin types.
  •  Is your face too oil? This water will not only control the oil but it will also maintain the PH of the skin.
  •  Rose water acts as an anti-inflammatory that aids to get rid of eczema, dermatitis and acne. It will also heal any wounds or scars on the skin while reducing the redness that may occur on an irritated skin.
  •  Dip a cotton ball in the rose water and gently wipe off the mekeup on your skin everyday. You do not have to wash your face as rose water will not only tone the skin but it will also clean the pores.


This product comes in packages of 100ml

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