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Baume Psoriasis 25 Ml -Psogueri

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  •  This product, also called ‘Amalia Psogueri,’ is an effective treatment for psoriasis, eczema, and acne.
  •  This cream will relieve the symptoms of psoriasis, including irritation, plate thickening, itching, and eliminating scales.
  •  This product is easy to spread over the skin as it is non-sticky and non-greasy.
  •  It will deeply moisturize the skin restoring its barrier.
  •  The product is free of fragrance and paraben.
  •  This cream is effective for all skin types.


Apply this cream twice a day (morning/evening), and massage lightly for maximum results.

This product comes in packages of 25ml

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Safety information: If symptoms persist seek medical advice.

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