Huile d’Argan Culinaire 100ml


L’huile d’argan alimentaire est naturellement riche en Vitamine E, et sans  cholestérol. Facilite la digestion,stimule la capacité cérébrale et participe efficacement au menu dietetiques.  Excellent antioxydant qui prévient le dessèchement de la peau.

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Why buy this product

  •  This product is 100% natural.
  •  It is naturally rich in Vitamin E and it is cholesterol free.
  •  It facilitates digestion, stimulates brain capacity, and participates effectively in the diet menu as a natural salad.
  •  An excellent antioxidant that prevents drying of the skin while boosting immunity.
  •  If you have hypertension or diabetes, consume this argan oil as it comes with many health benefits. You can also buy for your folks as a gift!


It can be used for cooking, salads, and as a meal supplement.


This product comes in packages of 100ml

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