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Ghasoul 100g

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Rich in minerals, Rhassoul is an excellent skin and hair care and is one of the essential rituals of the hammam. It is often mixed with hydrolats of rose, orange blossom, argan oil or essential oils to sublimate their perfumes and moisturizing qualities.

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Ingredients: Rose, orange blossom, argan oil.

Why Buy this Cosmetic Product

  • All ingredients in Ghasoul are 100% natural, and it is rich in minerals.
  • Contains argan oil, which is an excellent skincare agent, if you have dry skin using the product daily, will help in nourishing your skin and keeping it healthy.
  • It is an excellent body care product as the argan oil contained in the product has perfect moisturizing qualities.
  • It has a pleasant scent, and it is perfect for all skin types, if you have oily skin, the product will help in preventing acne outbreak on your skin.
  • Orange blossom in the product will help to give your body a sweet scent.
  • It is also a perfect hair care product if you have breakage, dandruff and stunted hair growth. Use this product daily to get maximum benefits from its ingredients.


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