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Un melange des plante medicinales agit sur les troubles de la menopause et la pre-menopause comme les bouffees de chaleur et les sueurs nocturnes.

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Ingrédients : Un mélange d’herbes

Why buy this herbal tea

  • • This herbal tea is also known as ‘flower of love’ as it increases sexual fire in the bedroom.
  • • It contains a mixture of herbs that aid in balancing hormones after menopause or coming off a contraceptive method.
  • • This product helps ease the disorders related to menopause and pre-menopause, such as hot flashes and night sweats.
  • • It increases libido by inspiring sensuality and healthy sexuality.


Do you have problems related to sexual performance? This could be the best answer to your questions.

This product comes in packages of 50g.

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Safety information: This product is not for diagnosis, treatment or prevention of any condition. It is advisable to seek medical advice in case you have any serious underlying condition prior to taking this tea.

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