Epices Pour Poisson et Grillade 50g

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  • • This is one of the best spices as it comes as a blend of four ingredients saving you time and money as you do not have to buy individual spices.
  • • This is a good way of adding extra aroma and flavor to your food, especially if you do not want additional calories and fat.
  • • This product will help you to season that plain chicken drumstick, giving it great flavor and taste.
  • • This blend is excellent in marinades and provides a good aromatic seasoning for fish and stakes.
  • • Cardamom has an earthy flavor that is sharp and spicy; coriander is warm and spicy, nutmeg has a sweet accent, while cumin has a smoky flavor. This mixture will leave your taste buds exploding with flavor.

This product comes in packages of 50g.

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