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Cristals of eucalyptus (menthol or mint crystals)

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  •  This product is 100% natural and pure vegetable flakes with L-menthol.
  •  Do you get frequent allergies ? Do you snore heavily at night? Are you asthmatic? Then these mint crystals will help to ease the congestion, and you will have a better sleeping pattern.
  •  Do you suffer from frequent colds during winter? These crystals are superb for home care and can be sold without a prescription. Put a few crystals in a mug with hot water and inhale to drain the sinuses.
  •  These mint crystals will relieve headaches and pain that occurs due to nasal congestion.
  •  This product is reliable and very potent, as you will only require 2-3 crystals for decongestion.
  •  They are excellent for both children and adults. They are a must-have, especially during winter. Put the mug with the crystals next to your bed and the children’s bed for optimal breathing while sleeping.

This product comes in packages of 15gr

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Safety information: If symptoms persist seek medical advice.


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