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Crème d’argan à la rose 50 ml

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  •  Use 'Argan cream with rose' during the day to revitalize the skin, enhance elasticity and smoothness of the skin while protecting it from harmful, detrimental rays of the sun.
  •  This cream works as an anti-wrinkle, by slowing the aging process and removing the dark circles under the eyes.
  •  This product is excellent for all types of skin, and it is free from paraben.
  •  It is made from natural ingredients and, therefore, less likely to cause any irritation on the skin.


Apply this cream in the morning on the face and around the neck. Massage light to make sure that it is well absorbed into the skin.

This product comes in packages of 100ml.

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Safety information: Discontinue the use of this oil if you have any irritation on the skin, and seek medical advice.


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