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Argan cream with Green tea

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Ingrédients: vitamine E, oméga 3,6 et 9

Why buy this product

  •  Are you worried about the fine lines on your skin, making you look older than your real age? Is your skin rough and dry? Then, this Argan cream with green tea will work magic on your skin.
  •  This cream will revitalize your skin, giving it a glowing and youthful texture.
  •  This product will reduce any fine lines on your skin, pigmentation spots, and brown spots leaving fair skin without blemishes.
  •  You should never miss this product, especially in winter, when sunspots are rampant. Argan cream with green tea will reduce the occurrence of sunspots by protecting the skin against harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.
  •  If you suffer from acne and eczema, this cream will reduce the scars and any skin breakouts.
  •  The cream will also enhance the skin's regeneration, increasing its elasticity and tone, thus fighting premature aging.


Apply this cream twice a day, in the morning and evening.

This product comes in packages of 100ml

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Safety information: Discontinue the use of this oil if you have any irritation on the skin, and seek medical advice.


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