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Crème Anti Âge Amalia 50ml

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Why buy this product

  •  Is your skin dry, wrinkled, and tired? Then this cream will hydrate, soften ad revitalize it, bringing back the youthful appearance.
  •  All ingredients in the anti-aging argan cream are 100% natural.
  •  This product will assist in reducing stretch marks, eczema, and psoriasis on your skin.
  •  Apply it every morning to protect the skin against external aggressions. Use it also at night to give the skin its vital nutrients.
  •  It works by increasing the hydration of the skin, thus reducing age spots, lines, and deep wrinkles.

Apply this cream in the morning and at night.

This product comes in packages of 50ml

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Safety information: Discontinue the use of this oil if you have any irritation on the skin, and seek medical advice.

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