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Baume Herpes Amalia 25 ml

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Cette crème lutte contre l’herpès labial hydrate les lèvres gercées et s’utilise contre les aphtes.

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Why buy this product

  •  This product, also called ‘Herpes Amalia Balm,’ will help you in the fight against fever blisters.
  •  Do you have to stay at home whenever you have a cold because of fever blisters around your mouth? Then worry not. This cream will speed up healing, enabling you to go back to work earlier.
  •  This cream will decrease the frequency, symptoms (pain, burning, itching), and severity of future outbreaks of the fever blisters.
  •  Baume herpes will also help hydrate chapped/dry lips and canker sores, thus preventing further damage.
  •  Fever blisters are likely to re-appear, and having this cream with you, is more advantageous for management.

Apply this cream as soon as the cold symptoms appear 3-4 times daily after meals.

This product comes in packages of 25gr.

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