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Experience Gentle Care with Amalia Comfort & Wellness Intimate Gel: Specifically designed to cleanse and protect the intimate area, our intimate gel offers relief from occasional minor discomforts such as irritation and tingling.

The gentle formula of this gel is enriched with lavender and mugwort extracts, active ingredients recognized for their ability to restore natural defenses and maintain the physiological balance of female intimate areas.

It is particularly recommended during menstruation and postpartum periods and works well in complementing antiseptic treatments.

Benefits of the Intimate Gel:

  • Gentle Cleansing: Safely cleanses the intimate area while preventing discomfort.
  • Restores Natural Defenses: Enhances the restoration of the area’s natural defenses.
  • Maintains Physiological Balance: Helps preserve the normal balance, ensuring comfort and wellness.
  • Ideal for Sensitive Times: Recommended for use during menstruation and postpartum periods.
  • Complements Antiseptic Treatments: Can be used alongside antiseptic treatments to enhance effectiveness.

Main Ingredients and Their Benefits:

  • True Lavender Essential Oil  - Calming and Soothing : Lavender is well-known for its calming properties, which can help soothe skin irritations and discomfort in the intimate area. It also offers a gentle, relaxing scent that enhances the cleansing experience.
  • Mugwort Essential Oil - Antimicrobial and Protective : Mugwort has been used traditionally for its antimicrobial properties, making it effective in protecting against and managing minor infections. It helps to maintain a healthy microbial balance in delicate areas.
  • Calendula Oil Infusion- Skin Healing and Anti-inflammatory: Calendula is renowned for its healing and anti-inflammatory effects. It promotes skin recovery, reduces redness, and eases discomfort, which is particularly beneficial during sensitive times such as menstruation and postpartum.
  • Macadamia Oil Infusion - Moisturizing and Nourishing: Rich in fatty acids, macadamia oil provides deep moisture to the skin, enhancing its barrier function. It helps to prevent dryness and keeps the skin supple and soft.
  • Blue Chamomile Essential Oil - Soothing and Anti-inflammatory: Blue chamomile is highly effective in soothing the skin and reducing inflammation. Its calming properties make it ideal for treating sensitive and irritated skin, enhancing overall comfort.

How to Use the Intimate Gel:

  1. Apply Like Regular Cleanser: Use the gel as you would a regular cleanser. It can be applied undiluted directly to the intimate area or mixed with water.
  2. Rinse Thoroughly: After application, rinse the area thoroughly with lukewarm water to ensure no residue is left behind.
  3. Frequency of Use: Safe for daily use or as needed to maintain cleanliness and comfort.
  4. For External Use Only: Ensure the gel is used externally and avoid contact with eyes.

Our Amalia Comfort & Wellness Intimate Gel is your ally in maintaining hygiene and comfort in the most delicate areas, providing a soothing, gentle cleansing experience that respects your body’s natural balance.

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